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Analogue Glitch Portraits
Analogue Glitch Portraits is a self initated digital photo project about the technical and perceptual deconstruction of a portrait image beyond recognition. The glitch is created through analog interventions in the chipset of the digital camera during the shooting. No color correction or digital re-touch added.
Glitch portraits just started and is ongoing, 2013

ArtEZ FINALS 2012 Graduation Portraits

Commissioned by the Fine Art department ArtEZ Arnhem we directed the photography of the finals portraits in collaboration with Sanne Zurne and Bibiche Osseman.


The image ... always has the last word. 

But I never looked like that! - How do you know? What is the ‘you’ you might or might not look like? Where do you find it - by which morphological or expressive calibration? Where is your authentic body? You are the only one who can never see yourself except as an image; you never see your eyes unless they are dulled by the gaze they rest upon the mirror or the lens (I am interested in seeing my eyes only when they look at you): even and especially for your own body, you are condemned to the repertoire of its images.

                      text : Roland Barthes, Barthes by Barthes, 1977.

These works were created for the comissioned Black light Expo – Front and Backend during June 2012, TAPE, Arnhem, NL. Silkscreenprinted at production house Plaatsmaken. Photography in collaboration with Sanne Zurne.

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