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Archived Futures Harvest is a two month exhibition, which has been held at Studio Solipsis in Rabat (Malta). Atelier Johannes Buch has been asked to co-curate and design the exhibition together with Glen Calleja and Giola Cassar.

The exhibition is the outcome of a six month process called Presents of the Future which was led by the Austrian organisation Time's Up within the framework of the cultural programme of the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union and with the support of Arts Council Malta and the Valletta 2018 Foundation. 

It is at once playful and philosophically engaging and is guaranteed to give visitors of all ages more than a few headscratching moments. Entrance is free and the exhibition is open throughout May and June 2017. 

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Vincent Moon travels the world with a backpack and a camera, filming astonishing music and rituals the world rarely sees — from a powerful sufi ritual in Chechnya or Ethiopian sufis chewing khat, to a shamanic ayahuasca journey in Peru. He hopes his films can help people see their own cultures in a new way.

In the retrospective on the past five years (2010-2015) of Vincent Moon‘s filming practice, a selection of about 60 Films are shown in a context of ethnographic film and music. Focused on the documentation of spiritual– and folk–music the exhibition will try to take you on a journey through a variety of sounds and songs from all continents of this world.

The exhibition is part of the masters programme of the exhibition design institute at HS Düsseldorf and produced by Johannes Buch with the kind help of teamvoltron.

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